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    MedAssure provides cutting edge technology, compliance, and comprehensive services for medical waste treatment, with significant savings and outstanding customer service. We are the premier Medical Waste Disposal Company.


    MedAssure’s own personnel collect regulated medical waste in DOT-approved plastic bins or cardboard boxes with compliant red bag liners, all provided by MedAssure.


    MedAssure then transports collected waste to our own transfer sites and healthcare waste Treatment Facilities


    MedAssure provides Regulated Medical Waste training programs such as OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen, USDOT and Medical Waste Management Procedures.

    Online Compliance Program

    Are you aware that OSHA may fine you to $7.000 for eacg non-compliant item on their checklist? Cumulative fines can approach $500,000. Are tou current on your MSDS/SDSs, Safety Training, and Safety Plans? Have you conducted your own workplace OSHA audit?

    What medical practices are saying about MedAssure

    • “Our system has found MedAssure to be a real vendor partner in managing our red bag waste & sharps for several years now. They have always been extremely responsive to all our needs and requests. Whether it be for our largest hospital in metro Tulsa, or a small physician clinic in rural Oklahoma, we have found MedAssure and their service technicians to always be professional and committed to the highest levels of service and safety in handling our bio-hazard waste.”

    The Ideal Solution For Small Scale Sharps Disposal